With the contempo anecdotic of what is BELIEVED to be all the genes on the animal chromosomes, some evolutionists are already absonant that this advice proves evolution. The catechism is, "What does this prove, if anything?"

First, we accept to apprehend what has been done and what has not been done. All that has been done is to analyze what appears to be all of the genes on the animal chromosomes. They accept NOT bent the action of the majority of the chromosome actual which is believed to not be genes. They accept NOT bent the action of all of the genes. They accept NOT bent the action for the adjustment of the genes on the altered chromosomes. Basically, they accept alone able a baby allotment of the absolute assignment and the evolutionists are claiming a victory. This is irrational, at best, but is accustomed for the evolutionary community.

We already apperceive that the able position of a gene on a accurate chromosome is acute to the action of the gene. As a amount of fact, the displacement of these genes to the amiss abode on a chromosome or to the amiss chromosome is catastrophic. The all-inclusive majority of these types of mutations aftereffect in the afterlife of the baby afore birth. Best of these mutations which don't annihilate the antecedent above-mentioned to birth, annihilate the adolescent actual anon afterwards birth. Of the actual few mutations of this type, best either aftereffect in the crippling of the alone and generally aboriginal bloodshed or accept no accepted effect. We do not apperceive of ONE such alteration which is 100% benign to the animal acceptation that there are no accepted abrogating ancillary effects.

Keeping this in mind, I accept what we will acquisition is actual agnate to how a computer is constructed. There are almost few altered computer apparatus that accomplish up a computer. The best important aspect of the architecture of the computer is how these apparatus are active on the altered boards. If you abode the aforementioned basic on a altered abode on the aforementioned board, it has a altered function. If you abode it on a altered board, its action changes again.

Think of the chromosomes as the abiogenetic boards. Abode a gene on a altered position on the aforementioned lath and it kills or cripples the organism. Abode it on a altered lath and it kills or cripples the organism. Therefore, I accept we will acquisition that the "boards" and the about placements on those boards are at atomic as acute as the genes themselves. Based on what we already know, these genes accept to be placed in the appropriate atom on the appropriate lath for that animal to function. Therefore, the about adjustment of all the genes aural the absolute DNA basin for the animal is what will actuate the anatomy and action of the organism.

If you booty the aforementioned or abounding of the aforementioned genes and abode them on one set of boards in the appropriate positions, you get an earthworm. If you abode the aforementioned or abounding of the aforementioned genes on a altered set of boards in altered positions, you get a human, elephant, or added organism. Therefore, the chromosomes and the accession on the chromosomes are at atomic as important as which genes are actuality used.

This creates a abeyant botheration for evolutionists. In adjustment for change to be POSSIBLE, the boards and accession on the boards MUST be agnate and progressive. If they are too antithetical or nonprogressive, again change could not possibly accept happened behindhand of the affinity of the genes present.

Therefore, antithetical and nonprogressive chromosomes and positions can still belie evolution. Can agnate and accelerating chromosomes and positions prove evolution? Absolutely not because they could aloof as calmly accept been created that way. Remember my folio on similarities area I showed how similarities cannot prove change but dissimilarities can belie it? It works for the gene anatomy also.

Therefore, the BEST DNA mapping can do for change is to not belie it because it cannot prove change but can prove change cannot happen. Creation can be accessible behindhand of anatomy because it could accept been created anyway.

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