1.     DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid.
  2.     DNA is allotment of our analogue of a active organism.
  3.     DNA is begin in all active things.
  4.   DNA was aboriginal abandoned in 1869 by Friedrich Miescher.
  5.     James Watson and Francis Crick ample out the anatomy of DNA.
  6.     DNA is a bifold helix.
  7.     The anatomy of DNA can be likened to a askance ladder.
  8.     The rungs of the ladder are fabricated up of “bases”
  9.     Adenine (A) is a base.
  10.     Thymine (T) is a base.
  11.     Cytosine (C) is a base
  12.     Guanine (G) is a base.
  13.     A consistently pairs with T in DNA.
  14.     C additionally pairs with G in DNA.
  15.     The bulk of A is according to the amoun tof T, aforementioned for C and G.
  16.     A+C = T+G
  17.     Hydrogen bonds authority the bases together.
  18.     The abandon of the DNA ladder is fabricated of sugars and phosphate atoms.
  19.     Bases absorbed to a sugar; this circuitous is alleged a nucleoside.
  20.     Sugar + phosphate + abject = nucleotide.
  21.     The DNA ladder usually twists to the right.
  22.     There are abounding conformations of DNA: A-DNA, B-DNA, and Z-DNA are the alone ones begin in nature.
  23.     About all the beef in our anatomy accept DNA with the barring of red claret cells.
  24.     DNA is the “blueprint” of life.
  25.     Chromosomal or nuclear DNA is DNA begin in the basis of cells.
  26.     Bodies accept 46 chromosomes.
  27.     Autosomal DNA is allotment of chromosomal DNA but does not accommodate the two sex chromsomes – X and Y.
  28.     One chromosome can accept as little as 50 actor abject pairs or as abundant as 250 actor abject pairs.
  29.     Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is begin in the mitochondria.
  30.     mtDNA is alone anesthetized from the mother to the adolescent because alone eggs accept mitochondria, not sperm.
  31.     There’s a archetype of our absolute DNA arrangement in every corpuscle of our anatomy with one exception.
  32.     Our absolute DNA arrangement is alleged a genome.
  33.     There’s an estimated 3 billion DNA bases in our genome.
  34.     One actor bases (called a megabase and abbreviated Mb) of DNA arrangement abstracts is about agnate to 1 megabyte of computer abstracts accumulator space.
  35.     Our absolute DNA arrangement would ample 200 1,000-page New York City blast directories.
  36.     A complete 3 billion abject genome would booty 3 gigabytes of accumulator space.
  37.     If unwound and angry together, the strands of DNA in one corpuscle would amplitude about six anxiety but would be alone 50 trillionths of an inch wide.
  38.     In humans, the DNA atom in a non-sex corpuscle would accept a absolute breadth of 1.7 metres.
  39.     If you bare all the DNA you accept in all your cells, you could ability the moon 6000 times!
  40.     Our sex cells–eggs and sperm–have alone bisected of our absolute DNA.
  41.     Over 99% of our DNA arrangement is the aforementioned as added humans’.
  42.     DNA can self-replicate application cellular accouterment fabricated of proteins.
  43.     Genes are fabricated of DNA.
  44.     Genes are pieces of DNA anesthetized from ancestor to baby that accommodate ancestral information.
  45.     The boilerplate gene is 10,000 to 15,000 bases long.
  46.     The articulation of DNA appointed a gene is fabricated up of exons and introns.
  47.     Exons accept the cipher for authoritative proteins.
  48.     Introns are amid sequences sometimes alleged “junk DNA.”
  49.     Junk DNA’s action or abridgement thereof is a antecedent of debate.
  50.     Allotment of “junk DNA” advice to adapt the genomic activity.
  51.     There are an estimated 20,000 to 25,000 genes in our genome.
  52.     In 2000, a asperous abstract of the animal genome (complete DNA sequence) was completed.
  53.     In 2003, the final abstract of the animal genome was completed.
  54.     The animal genome arrangement generated by the clandestine genomics aggregation Celera was based on DNA samples calm from bristles donors who articular themselves alone by chase and sex.
  55.     If all the DNA in your anatomy was put end to end, it would ability to the sun and aback over 600 times (100 abundance times six anxiety disconnected by 92 actor miles).
  56.     It would booty a being accounting 60 words per minute, eight hours a day, about 50 years to blazon the animal genome.
  57.     scientist 09If all three billion belletrist in the animal genome were ample one millimeter apart, they would ability a acme 7,000 times the acme of the Empire State Building.
  58.     DNA is translated via cellular mechanisms into proteins.
  59.     DNA in sets of 3 bases, alleged a codon, cipher for amino acids, the architecture blocks of protein.
  60.     Changes in the DNA arrangement are alleged mutations.
  61.     Abounding affair can account mutations, including UV betterment from the sun, chemicals like drugs, etc.
  62.     Mutations can be changes in aloof one DNA base.
  63.     Mutations can absorb added than one DNA base.
  64.     Mutations can absorb absolute segments of chromosomes.
  65.     Distinct nucleotide polymorpshisms (SNPs) are distinct abject changes in DNA.
  66.     Abbreviate bike repeats (STRs) are abbreviate sequences of DNA again consecutively.
  67.     Some genitalia of the DNA arrangement do not accomplish proteins.
  68.     Genes accomplish up alone about 2-3% of our genome.
  69.     DNA is afflicted by the environment; ecology factors can about-face genes on and off.
  70.     There are abounding means you can assay your DNA application commercially accessible tests.
  71.     Paternity tests assay segments of DNA amid the abeyant ancestor and child.
  72.     There are added types of accord testing that compares DNA amid siblings, grandparents and grandchild, etc.
  73.     DNA tests can advice you accept your accident of disease.
  74.     A DNA alteration or aberration may be associated with a college accident of a cardinal of diseases, including breast cancer.
  75.     DNA tests can advice you accept your ancestors history aka abiogenetic genealogy.
  76.     DNA tests can advice you accept your indigenous make-up.
  77.     DNA can be extracted from abounding altered types of samples: blood, audacity cells, urine.
  78.     DNA can be stored either as beef on a affection swab, buccal brush, or arctic claret or in extracted form.
  79.     In forensics, DNA assay usually looks at 13 specific DNA markers (segments of DNA).
  80.     The allowance that two individuals will accept the aforementioned 13-loci DNA contour is about one in one billion.
  81.     A DNA fingerprint is a set of DNA markers that is different for anniversary alone except identical twins.
  82.     Identical twins allotment 100% of their genes.
  83.     Ancestors allotment 50% of their genes.
  84.     A ancestor and adolescent allotment 50% of their genes.
  85.     You can abstract DNA at home from bake-apple and alike your own audacity cells.
  86.     DNA is acclimated to actuate the full-blooded for livestock or pets.
  87.     DNA is acclimated in wildlife forensics to assay endangered breed and bodies who coursing them (poachers).
  88.     DNA is acclimated in assay victims of accidents or crime.
  89.     DNA is acclimated to absolve innocent bodies who’ve been abominably convicted.
  90.     Abounding countries, including the US and UK, advance a DNA database of bedevilled criminals.
  91.     The CODIS databank (COmbined DNA Index System) is maintained by the BI and has DNA profiles of bedevilled criminals.
  92.     Polymerase alternation acknowledgment (PCR) is acclimated to amplify a sample of DNA so that there are added copies to analyze.
  93.     We eat DNA every day.
  94.     DNA testing is acclimated to accredit aliment like caviar and accomplished wine.
  95.     DNA is acclimated to actuate the abstention of crops.
  96.     Genetically adapted crops accept DNA from addition animal amid to accord the crops backdrop like annoyance resistance.
  97.     Dolly the cloned sheep had the aforementioned nuclear DNA as its donor mom but its mitochondrial DNA came from from the egg mom. (Does that accomplish any sense?)
  98.     Bodies like to allocution about DNA alike if it bears no affiliation to science or reality.
  99.     A accumulation of bloggers who address consistently about DNA and analysis accept affiliated to gether to anatomy The DNA Network.
  100.     Lists about DNA can get a little boring.

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