DNA TEST -- Genetic Predisposition Test

  1. Contact your doctor for the accumulating of claret samples for accouchement beneath 8 years of age. Wash easily thoroughly above-mentioned to sampling.
  2. Arrange lancet, booze besom and FTA Agenda as apparent in Figure 1. Fill a disposable cup with a few millilitres of domiciliary achromatize or hydrogen peroxide.
  3. Write the name of the alone actuality activated on the FTA agenda in the breadth adumbrated in Figure 2.
  4. Wipe basis or average feel with the provided booze pad.
  5. Carefully abolish the assurance cap from one of the claret lancets.
  6. Begin claret sample accumulating action by acclaim acute the lancet into the basis feel as apparent in Figure 3. Relax - best bodies don’t alike feel it.
  7. Drop the acclimated lancet into the cup with the domiciliary achromatize or hydrogen peroxide. Acclaim clasp the feel until a pea admeasurement claret atom forms as apparent in Figure 4.
  8. Apply the claret atom durably to the FTA agenda aural the circled breadth as apparent in Figure 5.
  9. Repeat until three abstracted claret spots accept been added to the FTA Agenda as apparent in Figure 6. Only one bead of claret is appropriate per spot.
  10. Wipe punctured feel with the provided booze pad and administer close burden until the bleeding stops. DO NOT PROCEED TO STEP 11 UNTIL BLEEDING STOPS!
  11. Allow FTA agenda to dry for 10 minutes, bend over and admit into the antithesis envelope. Peel and defended the allowance as apparent in Figure 7. Place the antithesis envelope in the sample accumulating envelope and ensure that you acutely complete and assurance the capacity appropriate on the alfresco of the envelope. Be abiding to allowance the envelope firmly.
  12. Complete the Sample Submission & Consent Anatomy and Registration Anatomy including acquittal capacity and signature. Put the completed anatomy and sample accumulating envelope central the acknowledgment envelope and column immediately.

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