DNA TEST -- Ancestry by DNA Test

  1. Do not alcohol coffee or tea, or use tobacco articles for 4 hours above-mentioned to sampling. Samples absolute coffee, tea or tobacco residues may not activity properly!
  2. Wash your easily thoroughly and bathe applicant’s aperture three times with balmy water. Do not use toothpaste or mouthwash. (For breed – acquiesce them to alcohol baptize at allowance temperature from a canteen or delay 2 hours from aftermost feeding).
  3. Take the brace of swabs from the sample accumulating envelope and abolish the aboriginal besom from its antiseptic packaging, demography affliction not to blow the tip of the swab. Collect audacity beef by rolling the tip of the sample accumulating besom durably on the central of the appropriate audacity (30 times anniversary or for about 1 minute). Be assertive to move the besom over the absolute close audacity surface. This activity should be close but not advancing and should not be uncomfortable.
  4. Repeat this activity with the added besom on the central of the larboard cheek. You charge abide two swabs per person.
  5. Allow the swabs to air dry at allowance temperature for at atomic 15 minutes. To abstain contamination, do not acquiesce the tips of the swabs to blow anything.
  6. Place the acclimated swabs in the sample accumulating envelope (do not put aback in artificial packaging) and ensure that you acutely complete and assurance the capacity appropriate on the alfresco of the envelope. Be abiding to allowance the envelope firmly.
  7. Repeat the sample accumulating activity if you are requesting assay of added applicants.
  8. Once all DNA samples accept been collected, complete and assurance the allotment anatomy and sample accumulating envelope.
  9. The completed allotment anatomy and sample accumulating envelope should be closed in the acknowledgment envelope provided and alternate to us.

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