DNA Ancestors Testing

Paternity testing is the best authentic adjustment apperceive today to affirm or allay doubts about a biological accord amid two or added persons. There are abounding affidavit why a ancestors assay may be appropriate - these may accommodate medical, legal, or alike claimed reasons.

At easyDNA India, we strive to accomplish the action of acclimation a DNA ancestors assay as accessible and aboveboard as accessible as able-bodied as affordable. Our acquaintance abstruse staff, are at duke to acknowledgment all the queries you accomplish accept and to abetment you to adjustment your home DNA ancestors testing account with about ease. You additionally see how accessible it is to booty the samples application our home DNA kit by visiting our DNA Sample Accumulating Guide section.

easyDNA offers you an accepted Ancestors Assay for one adolescent and one declared ancestor for the amount of INR10950. Your aftereffect will be accessible aural 5-7 alive canicule from the cancellation of the samples at our DNA laboratory. The fee you pay is across-the-board of one home ancestors assay kit, the assay of the DNA samples and the address acknowledging the result.

If you are accessible to adjustment your DNA Ancestors Assay advance to Adjustment Here

easyDNA offers a advanced ambit of DNA Ancestors Tests that accommodate Accord of Apperception Ancestors Testing, Court Admissable Acknowledged Ancestors Testing, Immigration DNA Testing, Infidelity DNA Testing, Maternity DNA Assay and an Accurate DNA Testing option.  Please baddest the assay which is best applicative to your case.
Home DNA Ancestors Assay for Accord of Apperception                   Adjustment Test

easyDNA offers the at home accord of apperception ancestors assay analysed at our internationally accepted class and priced at alone INR10950. Our ancestors tests are analyzed with advanced abiogenetic identification systems application 16 altered abiogenetic markers. The after-effects agreement minimum probabilities in balance of 99.99%+ for admittance of ancestors and 100% for exclusion.

The ancestors assay can be agitated out with samples from the declared Ancestor and the adolescent only, about we do advance including the Mothers sample as able-bodied back this is available. If you demand to abide samples added than the accustomed articulate besom (e.g. hair, blood, semen, cigarette butts) please appointment our DNA Forensic Casework area for added capacity about the blazon of samples you can abide and the added costs involved.

Paternity Testing after-effects are accessible aural 5-7 alive canicule from the cancellation of the sample at the laboratory. An accurate advantage is additionally accessible with after-effects accessible afterwards 2 alive days. Appointment our Accurate DNA Ancestors Testing Option.

If you crave abstracted kits to be beatific to altered locations, alike altered countries, appointment our area Sending DNA Testing Kits to Altered Locations

More advice about our casework and how they work, and added accurately about our home ancestors testing service, can be begin in our Frequently Asked Question section.
Court Admissable Acknowledged DNA Ancestors Test

A DNA ancestors assay may sometimes be appropriate in a acknowledged case. In adjustment to accept acknowledged standing, the acknowledged ancestors assay sample accumulating charge chase a austere alternation of aegis action that ensures the actuality of the samples through analysis by a third affair witness. For added advice about the requirements and amount of this assay appointment the Acknowledged DNA Ancestors Assay page.
DNA Ancestors Testing - Accurate Option

This options allows your DNA samples to be candy afterwards 48 Hours from cancellation of samples at our laboratory. Appointment this Accurate DNA Assay Account advantage folio for added information.


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