The Family Tree DNA analysis kit consists of two besom kits---designed for a distinct bodies use. Each tube contains a aqueous advised to arrest bacilli growth, so you can scrape your audacity and acknowledgment your kit in any blazon of acclimate (hot or cold). The bloom of your sample will abide complete for months.
The above-mentioned accumulating accepted of the industry was the dry canning method, which formed after the fluid, but in boiling climates, was decumbent to bacilli advance on the scraper tip. FTDNA enjoys an all-embracing clientele; therefore, we accept called to use a accepted accumulating kit.

You will apprehension the affection 'toothed' tip at the end of the scraper. The awareness of application our scraper is like abrasion your central audacity with your toothbrush. Remember, a acceptable scrape produces lots of DNA, which makes the abstraction action easier and decreases the adventitious that one or added of your markers will abort to be clear on the aboriginal analysis of your sample.

Your kit additionally includes instructions for accession your DNA sample (available in abounding languages) and the all important Release Form. The Release Form is your accounting accord that allows FTDNA to allotment your name and email abode with addition who matches your abiogenetic fingerprint exactly.

We alarm these matches "Genetic Cousins ™", and they represent one of the best agitative genitalia of the Family Tree DNA system!

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