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DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) the better provider of clandestine DNA ancestors and added DNA tests in the United States and about the world, appear today the company's absolute authorization in the US for the aboriginal non-invasive prenatal ancestors assay application SNP (single-nucleotide polymorphism) Microarray Technology, which requires alone a simple claret draw from the mother and declared father.
Dr. Michael Baird, one of the country's foremost experts in DNA assay and Chief Science Officer of DDC, will be the media agent for the announcement.  As Dr. Baird confirmed, the new assay is 100 percent safe for the developing fetus, 99.9 percent accurate, and is performed in a CLIA-certified class (Clinical Class Improvement Amendments).  The test, alleged 'The DDC® Non-Invasive Prenatal Ancestors Test,' is accessible now common by calling 1-800 Call DDC, (1-800-225-5332), with after-effects accessible in bristles business days.
According to Dr. Baird, the use of SNP Microarray Technology is "groundbreaking, avant-garde technology" application over 317,000 abiogenetic markers and bioinformatics to actuate paternity. "The DDC® Non-Invasive Prenatal Ancestors Assay provides an another for bodies gluttonous ancestors after-effects above-mentioned to the baby's birth," Dr. Baird stated, "replacing ancestors tests that advance procedures such as amniocentesis, which are invasive and backpack risks for the mother and the child. What makes this new assay amazing is that it uses 'cell chargeless circulating' fetal DNA begin in the mother's blood, which is counterbalanced with a proprietary reagent, accumulated with the assay of 317,000 abiogenetic markers. That agency the DNA we assay is alone the DNA from the fetus, and not abiding DNA begin in the mother's arrangement from antecedent pregnancies. With this technology, the DDC® Non-Invasive Prenatal Assay is by far the best cogent addition in ancestors testing in the aftermost decade."
Peter Vitulli, CEO of DDC and the controlling amenable for accepting the absolute authorization from Gene Security Network (GSN), a abreast captivated abiogenetic company, affirmed, "The DDC® Non-Invasive Prenatal Ancestors Assay will change the face of the prenatal DNA market.  We apperceive that mothers about the apple will booty abundance in the assurance and accessibility of the test, and abeyant fathers--who appreciably comprise about 50 percent of our chump base—will additionally acquisition cease at an aboriginal date of the pregnancy."
Gene Security Network (GSN), was founded in 2004 by President and CEO Matthew Rabinowitz, Ph.D.  GSN's Dr. Rabinowitz added, "DDC leads the industry in accouterment authentic and reliable ancestors testing. We are accustomed to accomplice alone with them for the U.S. customer market. Our bioinformatics technology is acclimated in a ambit of cutting-edge analytic analytic tests involving tiny quantities of DNA—as little as that from a distinct cell. This different technology  is now actuality activated to tiny traces of fetal DNA begin in a abundant mother's claret to ability an authentic cessation apropos paternity, after incurring any accident to the pregnancy."
The validation of the technology for distinct corpuscle abiogenetic testing has been appear in the account Human Reproduction and it is acclimated at over one hundred in-vitro fertilization centers and hospitals about the world. The technology has now been accurate on corpuscle chargeless circulating DNA for ancestors testing. That abstracts has been submitted to AABB for acceptance and is additionally actuality able for acquiescence to a associate advised journal.

About DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC):

As the better provider of clandestine DNA ancestors and added DNA tests in the U.S. and common for added than 16 years, DDC offers absolute DNA testing casework for ancestors and added ancestors relationships, forensics and ancestry. DDC receives added than 800,000 customer calls anniversary year, and has performed over 1.5 Million DNA tests back the aggregation was established. DDC Veterinary, the beastly DNA testing division, provides innovative, affection DNA testing for accompaniment and action animals. DDC was the aboriginal to accept robotics technology in its class processes, ensuring awful acrimonious and able administration of DNA samples. DDC's different Dual Process™ ensures all professionally calm DNA samples are apart activated twice, bearing acknowledged after-effects of incomparable affection and reliability. DDC is accustomed through a cardinal of accreditations, nationally and internationally, accomplishing absolute ratings in its accomplished 16 inspections, including those performed by the AABB, aforetime accepted as the American Association of Blood Banks and the College of American Pathologists (CAP). DDC is additionally accepted by ACLASS to accommodated the standards of ISO 17025:2005 and the American Society of Crime Class Directors Class Accreditation Board International and follows the DNA Advisory Board (DAB) guidelines, which attests to DDC's above argumentative testing service.

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