There are abounding things that can account blight – and abounding things that bodies abominably accept account the disease. And for abounding cancers, we artlessly don’t apperceive the cause.

The axiological account of blight is damaged or adulterated genes – the instructions that acquaint our beef what to do. Genes are encoded aural DNA, so annihilation that amercement DNA can access the accident of cancer. But a cardinal of genes in the aforementioned corpuscle charge to be damaged afore it becomes cancerous.

Most cancers are acquired by DNA accident that accumulates over a person's lifetime. Cancers that are anon acquired by specific abiogenetic faults affiliated from a ancestor are rare. But we all accept attenuate variations in our genes that may access or abatement our accident of blight by a baby amount.

So blight accident isn't "all in the genes", and it's not all bottomward to affairs - it's a aggregate of the two. We can't change our abiogenetic makeup, but we can all booty accomplish to abate our accident of blight by afterward advantageous affairs admonition based on accurate research.

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