What is DNA activation ?

With the barring of the antibody beef (sperm and eggs) every corpuscle in your anatomy contains the aforementioned DNA – two sets of 23 chromosomes with all the genes absolute all the instructions you charge to anatomy every blazon of protein and every blazon of cell. Our present concrete DNA contains two strands, which authority the abiogenetic codes for our concrete evolvement, but beneath than 3% of our 2-strand DNA contains instructions for architecture cells. The all-inclusive majority of your DNA – 97% – isn’t alive in architecture anything. In fact, scientists currently alarm this the “non-coding DNA”.

In accession to anniversary chromosome’s 2-strand, bifold braid of DNA, there are an added 10 etheric strands of DNA accessible to anniversary human, which accept been de-activated and dormant. These airy DNA codes are our catholic articulation to the accepted activity force, abutting Spirit with the animal abiogenetic code. Thus, DNA (including the adumbration strands) holds the keys to your concrete form, brainy capabilities, affecting behavior patterns, and airy gifts.

So brainstorm activating 100% of your 2 fiber DNA, PLUS 10 added etheric strands! You will go from application 10% of your academician to acceptable a six-sensory actuality with PSYCHIC, telepathic, and MANIFESTATION ABILITIES above annihilation you’ve anytime dreamed of. Plus, you will stop the crumbling action and absolutely alpha to rejuvenate to attending and feel YOUNGER.  This is the Aboriginal Divine Blueprint, what bodies USED to be. When these strands become activated they facilitate the development of our airy DNA.

Your DNA is your adapt of activity and is what controls every distinct action central anniversary of your cells. If you change your DNA, you absolutely will change your life. So alertness amplification is one of the capital allowances and afterwards the sessions, you will be added acquainted of everything, abnormally what your purpose is and why you actual actuality at this point in “time”. You will additionally be convalescent and restored.

How do I accept my DNA Activated?

Using the DNA Activation address handed bottomward to us by Vianna Stibal, accomplished healer.

In the 1st affair we change accepted abnormal genes (hereditary). DNA carries the adapt to our concrete and cerebral makeup, autumn anamnesis of our abiogenetic characteristics beeline bottomward the affiliated line. Unfortunately, abounding families backpack ailing genes like depression, bi-polar ataxia and alcoholism. God has adequate our adeptness to recode any adverse or abortive ancestry so as to bright the abrogating abiogenetic patterning. So in this affair the gene for Abiogenetic Abasement can be replaced with a gene accustomed joy.

We additionally we actuate adolescence and animation chromosomes. Afterwards this affair you adeptness acquaintance toxins advancing out of their arrangement on all Levels, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Since you are authoritative cellular changes in anatomy from the Master Corpuscle in the pineal gland, the anatomy will actuate to abolition toxins. Some bodies may acquaintance a healing cleanse, a aeon of detoxification and purification.

In the 2nd affair we abolish all programmes for aging. We again actuate all actual DNA, including the mitochondria. Mitochondria aftermath the activity to run beef in our bodies. Once your DNA is Activated the activation will copy through your anatomy for 3 to 6 months.

The 2 sessions can be done anon afterwards anniversary added or on two abstracted days.


The fee for a DNA Activation with Eric Richardson is R1500. Over 65s get a abatement of R150.


A minimum of two Thetahealing sessions with Eric above-mentioned to the activation to bright attached behavior and download allotment behavior and emotions. (These sessions amount R500 each).

Why accept the Activation?

DNA Activation restores our aboriginal analytic abilities and our abilities to MANIFEST our desires actual quickly. DNA Activation after-effects in accelerated airy change as all of our own airy adeptness activate one by one. With DNA Activation we become genetically hardwired to be 6 sensory. With DNA Activation we advance the adeptness to apparent what we need. With DNA Activation our bloom stabilizes and we accretion the adeptness to alleviate ourselves and abilities. The activation is safe and easy.


Empowers you to accompany alternating talents and abilities as yet unrealized.
Enables you to accept added energy.
Brings added accuracy into your life.
Strengthens your allowed system.
Releases benumbed patterns stored aural the concrete body.
Increases appliance of your inherent academician power.
Creates greater aperture for advancing affiliation with your Higher Self.
Clears your alone and ancestors karmic patterns.
Raises cellular vibration.

Once activated, you could apparent annihilation you adapted in your life, alive a activity after drama, actualize your ideal concrete body, become allowed to all dis-ease, REVERSE the crumbling process, convenance as a analytic healer, adulation unconditionally, and so abundant more:

- Added acquaintance and broadcast consciousness.
- Sharper faculty of close knowing.
- Enhanced and Increased cocky assurance and awareness.
- Sharpened intuition.
- Improved memory.
- Accord and calmness within.
- Replacing “seeking” with “resolving”
- Precise use of accent (“Conscious Languaging”)
- Enhanced discernment.
- Brings added accuracy into your life.
- Discovery of new talents and abilities.
- Empowers you to accompany alternating talents and abilities
as yet unrealized.
- Increased sensitivity, perceptions, and telepathy.
- Increased close accord and calmness.
- Shifting out of abhorrence and doubt.
- Releases benumbed patterns.
- Facilitates allowance of ancestors and abiogenetic karmic patterns.
- Clears your alone and ancestors karmic patterns.
- Creates greater aperture for advancing connection
with your Higher Self.
- Alignments for you to achieve your purpose for this lifetime.
- Quicker manifestations.
- Broadcast adeptness to move into actual love.
- Improved advice with spirit guides.
- Added affiliation to spirit and the spirit realms.

Relationship Benefits:
- Seeing relationships added clearly.
- Seeing bodies for who they absolutely are.
- Letting go of old stuff, people, places and things.
- Releasing old patterns that accept kept you in
dysfunctional relationships.
- Attracting body mates and body families.

Inner Acquaintance and Cocky Discovery Benefits:
- Increased adeptness to face self-truths.
- Finding answers that accept acceptation and clarity.
- Transforming uncertainties into truths.
- Staying focused in the moment.
- Speaking your accuracy and cogent yourself clearly.
- Learning to assurance and apprehend your accurate self.

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