DNA nanotechnology is a annex of nanotechnology which uses the atomic acceptance backdrop of DNA and added nucleic acids to actualize designed, bogus structures out of DNA for abstruse purposes. In this field, DNA is acclimated as a structural actual rather than as a carrier of abiogenetic information, authoritative it an archetype of bionanotechnology. DNA nanotechnology has applications in atomic self-assembly and in DNA computing.

Although DNA is usually advised in the ambience of atomic analysis as the carrier of abiogenetic advice in active cells, DNA nanotechnology considers DNA alone as a actinic and as a material, and is usually pursued alfresco of any biological context. DNA nanotechnology makes use of the actuality that, due to the specificity of Watson-Crick abject pairing, alone portions of the strands which are commutual to anniversary added will bind to anniversary added to anatomy bifold DNA. DNA nanotechnology attempts to rationally architecture sets of DNA strands so that adapted portions of anniversary fiber will accumulate in the actual positions to for some adapted ambition structure, a action alleged nucleic acerbic design.

Although the acreage is usually alleged DNA nanotechnology, its attempt administer appropriately able-bodied to added nucleic acids such as RNA and PNA, and structures accumulation these accept been made. For this acumen the acreage is occasionally referred to as nucleic acerbic nanotechnology.

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