What is Choromosome ?

In the basis of anniversary cell, the DNA atom is packaged into thread-like structures alleged chromosomes. Anniversary chromosome is fabricated up of DNA deeply coiled abounding times about proteins alleged histones that abutment its structure.

Chromosomes are not arresting in the cell’s nucleus—not alike beneath a microscope—when the corpuscle is not dividing. However, the DNA that makes up chromosomes becomes added deeply arranged during corpuscle analysis and is again arresting beneath a microscope. Most of what advisers apperceive about chromosomes was abstruse by celebratory chromosomes during corpuscle division.

Each chromosome has a binding point alleged the centromere, which divides the chromosome into two sections, or “arms.” The abbreviate arm of the chromosome is labeled the “p arm.” The continued arm of the chromosome is labeled the “q arm.” The area of the centromere on anniversary chromosome gives the chromosome its appropriate shape, and can be acclimated to advice call the area of specific genes.

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